How to generate a ping report in a text file.

Hello friends, today’s topic is exciting because today we are going to learn something new. As you must have come to know from the heading of the article (How to generate a ping report in a text file.). As we know ping is a valuable utility for checking the connectivity of network hosts and devices on an IP network, like a computer, printer, router, etc.

It sends a small packet of data to a target device and measures the time it takes to receive a response, reporting the response’s status to the user.

In many cases, it may be helpful to save the ping results to a text file for further analysis or record-keeping. This article (How to generate a ping report in a text file.)  will explain how to generate a ping report in a text file on Windows computers.

What is Ping utility?

Ping is a networking utility that is very useful to test the reachability of a host or network device over the internet protocol (IP) network.

It is also used to diagnose and troubleshoot network connectivity issues, such as identifying if a host or device is reachable, determining network latency and packet loss, and verifying that network resources are functioning correctly.

Ping works only on IP networking devices like computers, servers, routers, and switches.


Steps to Generate a Ping Report in a Text File on Windows :
  • Open the command prompt from the start menu or from RUN. (Just type CMD in Run & press Enter button).
  • Enter the Ping command with the IP address or Host name of the target network device (whom you want to ping ).

For example, if you want to ping Google’s open DNS server, then you would like to type the below command.

  • Once the ping command completes, you can save the report to a text file by adding ” >> data path\file name.txt” to the end of the command. e.g.-

I am here, generating my ping reports in the Documents folder & the file name is reports.

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